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New Mazda MX-5 2015

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This fourth generation Mazda MX-5 is a take on an iconic, million selling sports car which has already set pulses racing. The all new Mazda MX-5 has also been awarded the “Best of the Best” – the highest possible distinction in the prestigious 2015 Red Dot international product design awards. It also made Top Gear’s Richard Hammond a very happy boy on a recent test drive!

The famed KODO: Soul of Motion provides a harmony of design that blends truly dynamic sports car styling with graceful, flowing and fluid bodylines; the exact 50:50 weight distribution offers a perfect balance of sleek strength and crafted elegance, plus truly intuitive handling matched to a supremely cheeky agility. The all new Mazda MX-5 offers a stunningly skilful meld between interior and exterior design, as it hugs both the road and the driver. Yet it also takes only a few seconds to open the roof and meet the outside world.

Using Mazda’s award-winning SKYACTIV technology, matching the lightweight with the ultra-strong, which embraces both engine and transmission, chassis and body, the all-new MX-5 2015 offers that perfect combination of punchy performance and hoped-for economy. With its lowest ever centre of gravity, it again fully acknowledges that driving should always be a relaxing, grounded, yet fun experience.

Mazda takes the concept of Jinba Ittai – horse and rider as one – to deliver a truly interactive and utterly stunning MZD-Connect advanced fingertip sensitive infotainment system. This is matched to a superb 7” touchscreen and voice controls, plus a pair of USB slots, to allow you to entirely focus on the road ahead and the journey to be savoured.

Safety is always paramount, and from enhanced seat support to pedestrian-protecting Deployable Hood System, the Mazda MX-5 seeks maximum protection for drivers, passengers and those outside.

With Mazda, you'll know that all-new truly means what it says. This MX-5 has 10% less body weight and is even shorter than the original from a quarter of a century ago. Yet it also succeeds in delivering more cabin space, and a lower bonnet.

A stunning new take on the MX-5, the world’s best-selling two-seater roadster

MKG3000 offers you the chance to experience the all-new Mazda MX-5 2015 as it takes pride of place among our stunning selection of new Mazda cars here in our Twickenham showroom, serving so many customers in both Surrey and south west London.

Today is the ideal time to judge for yourself how style and performance has been combined in this truly superb two-seater roadster. Whether it will be your next or even your first Mazda, this fourth generation of the famed MX-5 will open your eyes to what motoring can be, and thrill every sense with what it then is.

New Mazda MX-5