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What Links 007 With MKG3000?

Pinewood Studios, only a few miles West of MKG3000, produced many of the James Bond films including one with a link to us...

Our Director Stefan Kadlubowski has a famous Father.

He played the henchman "Grunther" in the 1969 James Bond Film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Staring George Lazemby and Diana Rigg

Stefan's father first became famous when he was a regular on the 60s TV wrestling programme "The world of Sport" He was known as "Yuri Borienko the Mad Russian". He was the archetypical bad guy, and with the Cold War in full swing he was often seen fighting the likes of Mick McManus and Big Daddy etc. This then lead to a Film and TV career playing the KGB agent or bad guy villain.

james bond
james bond

The TV roles included the Persuaders, The Professionals, Raffles, Adam Adamant and many more. However big screen is where he made his mark in films such as Superman with Christopher Reeve, S.P.Y.S with Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould , Reds with Warren Beaty, and his biggest role as "Grunther" The henchman who was Telly Savalas's right hand made in the Bond Film. ( Seen here holding James Bond by the hair ). The grand finally sees Yuri Borienko killed by Diana Rigg when she pushes him on to spikes at Blofeld's hide away 10,000 feet up in the Swiss Alps.