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  • The future is here – Mazda launches ‘Mobile Start’ app

    15/08/2015 17:35:01

    New Mobile Start app launched by Mazda

    The digital age just got a little brighter with the launch of Mazda’s ‘Mobile Start’ app. You can now control your Mazda at the touch of a button on your smartphone, from almost anywhere in the world.

    Lost y

  • Mazda and MKG300 make it easier for Londoners to arrange test drives

    14/07/2015 09:51:38

    Mazda UK and MKG3000 Mazda have launched a revolutionary way of helping customers decide on what car to choose within the London area.

    For the last 12 years MKG3000 Mazda has understood the difficulty for some Londoners to get to us to test drive a car. This is why we have always offered the service of us bring the car to you. This is what has made MKG3000 Mazda the most succ

  • Mazda MX5 2015 is taking London by storm

    26/05/2015 15:58:02

    Red 2015 Mazda MX5 coming to London soon

    Ready to order the Mazda MX5 2015 in London?

    Many people enjoy some order to their lives. The above looks at three ways the word is often used. Firstly, it’s

  • What links a stunning new Mazda CX3, Boris and a coronation?

    18/05/2015 15:44:50

    red 2015 mazda cx3 in London at mazda dealer mkg3000

    The answer is a date – June 19th. This is the glorious day when the all-new Mazda CX-3 is released for sale in the UK and available at our Mazda dealership in London. It’s also London Mayor (or should this be M

  • Mazda CX3 road test

    27/03/2015 10:05:00

    Designed to make an impact in the popular crossover off-roader market, the new Mazda CX3 is a car that combines outstanding good looks with the great high driving position that crossovers bring.

    It is based on the Mazda 2 supermini and offers both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options, unlike many of its class rivals. We best face up to it - the CX3 is no Range Rover when

  • Easter events

    20/03/2015 15:04:13

    easter events in london and middlesex
    Easter is on its way, which means it’s time to start looking for events the family can enjoy. At MKG3000 we know how difficult that can be, so we’ve collected some of the best bank holiday events in London and Middlesex to help you

  • The MX-5 reviewed on Top Gear

    20/03/2015 15:05:19

    New and Used Mazda MX5 in Twickenham

    September 2003 was a very memorable time for me. I had just been appointed a Mazda main agent for West London and had invested all the funds I had into the bu

  • Accessories to the MXimum

    20/03/2015 15:03:19

    New Mazda MX5 in Surrey

    Since its first generation hit the road back in 1989, the Mazda MX has been one of the most popular little roadsters around – sleek, lightweight, sporty and reliable. Now, at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show, Mazda is launching a slick set of access

  • “There’s a lot that other car firms could learn from Mazda”

    20/03/2015 15:02:32

    At MKG 3000 we stock a wide range of Mazdas like this CX-5 at our showroom in Twickenham.

    This was the view of Auto Express Deputy Editor Graham Hope in a recent article. As Mazda new and used car dealers in Twickenham, south west London, you would

  • If a car could blush...

    20/03/2015 15:02:17

    New Mazda MX5 Rear End

    ...then the latest generation of the Mazda MX-5 for 2015 would surely only be available in beetroot red! We mentioned it in our recent blog “The name’s Mazda – Mazda MX-5 – and the number’s a million”, where w

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