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  • Mazda winter safety inspection

    winter inspection

    Due to the dangerous icy conditions of the cold, winter months, it may be worth getting your Mazda serviced. Car safety should be one of your top priorities this winter, especially if you use your car a great deal and hardly ever get it checked out. During the service, a qualified technician will monitor the key parts of your car to ensure that you are completely safe whilst driving in hazardous weather conditions.

    Another benefit of having a full service performed on your Mazda will be when the time comes to sell your car on. The service will be noted on the car's maintenance records as evidence that the car has been well maintained and is in good working order to sell.

    A qualified technician will also perform full checks on tyres for any predominant wear, tread depth and tyre pressure, the brakes to ensure that they are in full working order, and the car battery which can be temperamental during plummeting weather conditions as you may have already experienced. Other services included in the price involve a top-up of anti-freeze, a check on the brake fluid, coolant levels, shock absorbers, lights, wipers and heating systems.

    The cost of a winter service inspection for your Mazda is just £19.99 and helps safeguard you throughout the treacherous months ahead.

    A bit about us...

    We first started Mazda service operations in 1999 and have a highly skilled team of workers who perform car services with professionalism and in-depth knowledge. If you would like your Mazda to have a full service inspection, pop into our service centre in Twickenham, London. We use genuine Mazda replacement parts and are proud to say that we always receive great customer feedback.

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