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  • MKG3000 Beats Car Discount Websites Everytime

    MKG3000 guarantee to beat prices offered by online discount websites

    MKG3000 beats Carwow, Drive The Deal AND We Buy Any Car...

    by Stefan Kadlubowski

    It’s been a number of years since the launch of car price discount websites like Drive The Deal, Carwow and UK Car Discount etc. They all promise to save you thousands of the list price of a new car however the consumer is still unsure how they manage to get the discounts they are offering. Some websites even go to lengths to convince you that as they buy in bulk they get extra discount from the manufacturer which they can then pass to you... This is not true. All they are is a classic 'middleman' in the 21st Century wanting their cut. Let me explain.

    As the owner of a Mazda main dealer, not a week goes by without one of these sites approaching me to see if I am interested in supplying cars to customers who go onto their sites expecting the best deal. They approach me by asking if we will supply a car at a particular discount to an interested customer. If I agree then I must send them a handling fee or as its better known... a BUNG! It as simple as that. They cannot buy directly from the manufacturer, they have to go through us dealers.

    A recommendation I make to all our customers is go on these sites, get a quote and then come to us and we will smash it every time! Plus we will pay you more than We Buy Any Car for your part exchange.

    Something else these discount websites do that needs investigating by the Office of Fair Trading is offering prices they cannot honour. I have calls begging us to supply cars at a heavily discounted price that they have advertised but for some reason the price is a mistake or the car is not available. Unfortunately the punishments are not that severe, as they are just a website rather that a full blown dealer operation and they seem exempt from some laws that dealers have to rightly adhere to. Our pricing is totally transparent. It is always the final price you pay.

    Plus with us, you talk to people about your next car. We are people business. We like nothing better than talking with our customers. We do not hide behind a fancy website, only contactable via email. You call and ask for any member of my staff who will look after you. If you are still not happy ask for me, Stefan Kadlubowski. I am the owner and I personally guarantee that I will beat any genuine internet offer... Every time!

    Let’s stop paying 'the Middleman.'