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  • Mazda set to unveil CX-4 in Beijing

    Mazda's new crossover coupe the Mazda CX-4

    Mazda is set to unveil the CX-4 coupé at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, which will take place in April.

    There have been a raft of new models of late and Mazda will add the crossover coupé model to the line-up at the Chinese show that is fast establishing itself as a rival to Geneva in terms of importance.

    The CX-4 will sit alongside the CX-5 and will share the same platform, while offering a stylish and sporting body shape with a steeply raked roof. Despite its impish external dimensions, it should still accommodate a family in comfort.

    The CX-4 is based loosely on the Koeru concept that was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and Mazda isn’t one of those manufacturers to release wild concepts that bear no relation to the finished car, so expect the CX-4 to be relatively close to that concept.

    There is no word, yet, on the engine line-up, but it is sensible to assume that the coupé will boast a similar line-up to the CX-5, which will mean optional front or four-wheel-drive and a selection of engines from the SkyActiv range, including 2.2-litre diesels in a selection of power outputs.

    Despite the buzz around the new car, Mazda has suggested it may not even go on sale in Europe. The marque is currently looking at specific markets and there are apparently some internal obstacles to bringing the car over here, but if the demand is high then expect those obstacles to disappear and this sporting coupé to land on these shores before too long.

    A car like this would bring a halo effect and add to the feel-good factor that surrounds the current Mazda line-up. The new MX-5 has re-established the sporting credentials and now it seems like a good time for the brand to capitalise on that with a new range of sporting cars.