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  • Estate vs MPV: which is right for you?

    One minute you're zipping down country roads with the roof down, the wind is whipping through your hair, and the sun is kissing your forehead. The girlfriend is sat next to you, and the picnic hamper is tucked safely in the compact boot. All of a sudden, you have three more mouths to feed, your shopping won't fit in the compact boot any more, and you certainly don't have the time to be cruising the back lanes on a Sunday afternoon. The two-seater has already been 'upgraded' for a saloon, but now it's time to go even bigger.

    Mazda 6 Tourer

    So, estate or MPV, which do you choose?


    Space is the first thing that springs to mind. Both estates and MPV's offer increased space, but you don't need telling which one has marginally more. An estate will cover you for most things, but the MPV provides you with that little extra height, which is ideal for things like camping holidays.


    This may be the overriding factor here. How many bums do you need to put on seats? Most MPV's, like the Mazda5, can seat seven people, again ideal for holidays and days out where the little ones want to bring friends. Also think ahead - are there any more little cherubs in the pipeline?

    Performance and handling

    This is where the estate generally wins. The lower centre of gravity on a vehicle like the Mazda6 Tourer is going to see you through the corners a little smoother. But that's not to put down the Mazda5, with its highly responsive feel.

    So, in reality, this comes down to your practical needs. Here at MKG3000 we stock both the Mazda5 and 6, in a range of options. The base price of the Mazda6 is marginally higher for roughly the same power output. Both are superb cars, so why not test drive them both today?