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  • Mazda CX-5: a worthwhile upgrade

    The sporty Mazda CX-5

    Has Mazda dreamed up the ideal combination of sports responsiveness with all the features of a utility vehicle? Quite possibly.

    The newly-revamped CX-5 features a fresh new image at the front (with a new grill and ultra-clear LED lamps), and the rear lights have also received an overhaul. The interior has also been upgraded, and it's easy to see why this vehicle will end up at the top of many people's wish lists!

    Functional and fashionable

    The Mazda CX-5 has been designed with the premise in mind of catching the eye, and not the wind - it's aerodynamic and allows the driver to get a great mile per gallon ratio whilst still remaining incredibly pleasing from an aesthetic perspective.

    At the core of the CX-5's performance is what Mazda terms 'Skyactiv Technology'. It's been a mainstay of the Mazda brand for at least five years, but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, it's the branding for Mazda's patented technologies which increase fuel efficiency and engine performance, combined with new innovations in body design and transmission capability.

    Engine choices

    Those considering a CX-5 are faced with a couple of options when it comes to the engine - a 2.0 litre or a 2.5 litre. The latter, weighing in at 184 hp, is capable of going from 0 to 60 in exactly 7.7 seconds. Those wanting sporty performance would be advised to opt for the heavier engine, although if getting the most mileage out of your machine is a priority, the smaller engine is the more attractive option.

    Overall verdict

    The CX-5 is a sleek, responsive and eco-friendly 4x4 which is as comfortable a drive on the motorway as it is on the local B-road on the way to doing the weekly shop. It's a fantastic upgrade, and is packed full of features, making it a great choice as a family vehicle.