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  • “There’s a lot that other car firms could learn from Mazda”

    At MKG 3000 we stock a wide range of Mazdas like this CX-5 at our showroom in Twickenham.

    This was the view of Auto Express Deputy Editor Graham Hope in a recent article. As Mazda new and used car dealers in Twickenham, south west London, you would certainly expect our MKG3000 team to fully agree! It’s always great, though, to have your own opinions and feelings backed up by those of authoritative voices.

    Mr Hope was highlighting Mazda’s constant search for innovation, and the huge dividends gained from this. He went on to mention the excitement generated by the Mazda MX-5 in the months since its unveiling in 2014. Incidentally, his colleague Jack Rix, after road testing this new arrival, reported it as “the most thrilling version of the roadster yet”. As we’ve remarked before in these blogs, it’s just as well cars can’t blush!

    Of course the MX-5 is just one of a raft of terrific Mazda cars you can choose from. There’s the Mazda2 and its terrific sports styling and amazingly agile handling. The 3 certainly helps you to stand out from the crowd as it offers the complete driving experience. If you have a family to transport, or lots of friends to take with you, the Mazda5 has an ingenious seating plan that can carry up to seven. If summer days are calling out to you already, we must mention that the MX-5 is available in both soft top and roadster coupe options.

    We haven’t even had time to mention the 6 Saloon or Tourer, or even the CX-5. If you are already a Mazda owner and are looking for your next choice, or are considering the switch in 2015, then a visit to our showroom here on Heath Road is certainly to be recommended. We offer a terrific choice in both new and used Mazda Cars here at Strawberry Hill in Twickenham, where we also specialise in providing the best of Mazda servicing operations. You’ll find a warm and friendly welcome every day of the week at MKG3000!