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  • Mazda's MX-5 Vision for the Future Unveiled at Las Vegas Showcase

    Mazda look to the future with brand new MX-5 concept

    Sin City, or Las Vegas as you may call it, played host to this year’s SEMA Show. Intended to be a showcase opportunity for specialist aftermarket products, it’s a great place to see what’s coming next to the automotive world. As expected, Mazda did not disappoint, showing not one but two concept MX-5s, made in collaboration with some of the top aftermarket providers.

    An Exciting New Twist on the Mazda MX-5

    Named the Spyder and the Speedster, inspiration came from vintage sports cars. Both concepts took the design of a standard MX-5 and added great twists to the driving experience, keeping down the weight of the vehicle and focusing on enhancing the fun factor you get from driving a convertible car with the roof down.

    Familarity with a Few Surprises from Mazda

    The Spyder is all about driving opulence. Available in Mercury Silver, it has a bikini top and looks a bit more like the MX-5 we’re all familiar with. It just happens to have a few surprises up its sleeve. It has a two-litre, 16-valve, four-cylinder Skyactiv-G engine with VVT, and custom lightweight Yokohama Advan racing wheels. Continuing with the lightweight theme, the aero kit and grille intake are made of lightweight carbon fibre. For added luxury, the interior is clad in Spinneybeck full grain leather.

    Meanwhile, if you’ve got the need for speed, the Speedster is going to be right up your street. Mazda have stripped it back to the absolute essentials. There’s not even a windscreen, just a deflector. You won’t beat that for a genuine “wind in your hair” experience! Following the example of the best racing cars, the Speedster is lightweight. Seriously – it’s only 943 kg. Like its more commercial brother, the Speedster also has carbon fibre as a key part, with doors and seats made of it. The adjustable coil over suspension means it gets a lower profile than a standard MX-5, with a 30 mm difference between them.

    Clearly, as concept cars, they’re not going to show up in your local dealership any time soon, but if they’re an indicator of the way Mazda and its collaborators are moving in to the future, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Mazda family.