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  • What links a stunning new Mazda CX3, Boris and a coronation?

    red 2015 mazda cx3 in London at mazda dealer mkg3000

    The answer is a date – June 19th. This is the glorious day when the all-new Mazda CX-3 is released for sale in the UK and available at our Mazda dealership in London. It’s also London Mayor (or should this be MP) Boris Johnson’s fifty-first birthday. Here at MKG3000 based in Twickenham, as an example of the years flashing by, we’re fairly astonished to discover he’s actually a year younger than ex-England rugby star Rory Underwood!

    By the way, the coronation in question was that of George IV back in 1821. This seems an appropriate connection given the launch of the crowning glory (sorry) that undoubtedly is the all-new Mazda CX-3. You can find out much more about this superb new crossover here or in a recent road test blog by Stefan Kadlubowski here. Of course, there is no better time than right now to reserve your 15 plate or organise a stunning test drive – it take no more than a phone call to our specialist Mazda team on 0208 538 9377.

    Like Boris in the General Election, the Mazda CX-3 is also a recent winner, having been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for 2015, awarded by an international jury only to those models that truly set themselves apart from the rest. It offers outstanding good looks (we’re talking about the car now) and is based on the extremely popular Mazda 2 supermini. Incidentally, both two and four wheel versions are available.

    If instinct is important for a successful politician, it is surely also a truly valuable component of the intuitive and aerodynamically agile steering in the CX-3. The ability to both communicate effectively and entertain is a valuable plus for political life, and inside of this stunning new crossover you'll find both aspects are delivered with terrific style in the advanced infotainment system.

    So June 19th is certainly a key motoring date for 2015. Incidentally, other great events that have happened on this day include the cartoon debut of Garfield in 1978. It is also officially ‘World Sauntering Day’, encouraging people to take it easy and smell the roses. Yes, it was invented in the US! However, it would also be a great day to stroll down to our MKG3000 showroom and take charge of your new Mazda CX-3 2015 here in Twickenham. It will certainly make travelling at a faster pace throughout the city itself, and Surrey, Middlesex, and the home counties, a whole lot more exciting and fulfilling – orders now being taken!