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  • New Year resolutions or is revolutions?

    a red 2015 model Mazda CX-3

    Happy New Year and all best wishes for a terrific 2015 from the whole team here at MKG3000, the Twickenham home for terrific new and stunning used Mazda models that’s so convenient for all the motorists of Middlesex and Surrey. When we were thinking about making some New Year resolutions, we thought it would be wise to continue with providing the highest level of service and advice as we have always aimed to achieve.

    One of the team pointed out that, with so much to excite coming through from Mazda across the coming year, it could almost be a case of revolution rather than resolution! The wheels of change are certainly turning (sorry, an attempt to keep the “revolution” theme going), so here are just some of the highlights you can certainly look forward to...

    As we mentioned in our previous blog, the all-new 2015 version of the Mazda2 is available to view here at our showroom in Heath Road, and we are already taking plenty of orders for the March 2015 delivery starting date. To find out more, click here to view our detailed blog.

    As the year goes on you’ll be able to carefully examine the results of the upcoming facelift for the ever-popular CX5. Come June, as summer begins to unfold, we’re sure there will be a warm welcome for the all-new Mazda CX3. Later in the year movie fans will be eagerly anticipating the release of The Force Awakens – the latest Star Wars offering – and Mazda lovers will be equally breathless over the release of the MX5 2015. It seems to us that all those other manufacturers are not really trying, compared to the stunning year ahead for the Mazda marque!

    In future blogs, we’ll be providing much more detail on all of these 2015 seminal motoring events. To be honest, one of our team has suggested that we should maybe make a resolution to be a tiny bit less enthusiastic about all these exciting new arrivals. Well we would, but like so many others, we know for sure that this would be one resolution that wouldn’t survive far into the coming twelve months...