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  • Mazda2 2015 arriving in West London - Enjoying the thrill of a stunning sequel...

    2015 image of Mazda2

    At this time of year, lots of folk like to take a trip to the cinema and enjoy a family blockbuster – something about Hobbits this time perhaps? If you enjoy a particular franchise, it’s such a terrific feeling when you realise that the latest offering is even better than the ones you’ve already enjoyed. 

    What has this to do with cars? Well, if you have, anytime during the last seven years, loved your Mazda2, then you are likely to be seriously thrilled with the spring 2015 all-new Mazda2 re-launch. If you haven't yet taken the time to consider this terrific motoring choice, the good news is that, although deliveries won’t commence until March, from the start of 2015 you’ll be able to view this stunning newbie here at our superb MKG3000 new Mazda cars showroom. You’ll find us in the London Borough of Twickenham, just along from The Green, and so handily placed for all discerning motorists in both Middlesex and Surrey.

    What’s specially to like about this 2015 Mazda2? If you are familiar with the original, it’s just a touch longer than its predecessor, and the windscreen has been moved back a tad. Although it weighs less than before, it seems to have considerably more interior space. It will be available with both 1.5L petrol and diesel options, and with either 5 and 6 speed gearboxes (the latter also offers an automatic option) and improved fuel consumption.

    Inside, it’s surely worth that little more for sumptuous leather upholstery, and front seaters will enjoy a spacious atmosphere, and a 7-inch touchscreen. Communications-wise, there’s an app to allow you to audibly read and post to both Facebook and Twitter (so do join us there). Incidentally, take a moment to sit inside and just enjoy the superbly supportive seat design and marvel at the wealth of intelligent technology!

    We could go on, being such obvious Mazda2 enthusiasts, but it’s surely best to come in and form your own opinion. From the extensive number of pre-orders we’ve already taken, we’d guess you’ll be impressed by this terrific supermini – whether you are already a keen fan or taking your first real look at the Mazda2 2015.