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  • “The name’s Mazda – Mazda MX-5” – and the number’s a million

    Mazda MX-5 driving on road

    Well, officially, still just short of a million. The Mazda MX-5 already has worldwide confirmed sales of 970,000 and counting, and last year reached the landmark age of twenty-five. Amazing figures, but not as astonishing as its ongoing vitality – it has already been shortlisted for What Car’s Car of the Year for 2015.

    The new Mazda MX-5 certainly embodies the Japanese notion of Jinba Ittai, or “horse and rider as one”. The closeness of driver to car is represented by a 50:50 weight distribution for improved handling. This is placed alongside a weight reduction of 100kg, providing that racier drive that is so much to be enjoyed, either as a soft-top or coupe. New MZD Connect technology even provides a heightened level of connectivity. It’s as versatile as it is glorious; said “You want to go racing? It’ll do that. Taking your mother-in-law to the grocery store? It’s got that covered as well”. 

    Our deliberate misuse of the James Bond introduction in the headline for this blog is there for two reasons. Firstly, our director Stefan Kadlubowski‘s father played the henchman "Grunther" in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". You can find much more about his fascinating career hereSecondly, a few years ago, Mazda also created a James Bond style ad for the MX-5. We can certainly appreciate this as a truly perfect style match!

    As a main dealer based just along from The Green by the A305 in Twickenham, here at MKG3000 we are so well placed to provide superb new and approved-used Mazda cars for sale, always backed-up with a top-notch service across Middlesex, Surrey and the other Home Counties, but we are also happy to deliver right throughout the UK. If you have not yet met, we would love to introduce you to the MX-5 and the other superb cars in the Mazda team. If they are already old friends, please visit and see what’s new!