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  • Mazda2 - A deserved winner

    It seems like yesterday that Mazda launched the Mazda2.  What a fantastic car it was winning the “THE WORLD'S BEST CAR 2008”.

    I have always been skeptical of motoring awards,  not quite sure how any motoring journalist can say any car is the  best car right at its launch.   A car could have reliability problems  or quickly develop a nasty safety issue yet six months before it was winning awards.  This just proves that most motoring journalists nominate cars based on style, features and most worryingly manufacturer claims.  I have witnessed with my own eyes  manufacturers  wooing  journalists  with fancy trips to road test new models,  lavishing them with gifts.  It’s no wonder that often very bad cars win awards at the start. Look at the Land Rover Freelander.  It is probably the most unreliable car ever made, yet at launch it probably won every award going.

    Mazda 2 Driving

    I am very happy to say that this did not happen with the Mazda2.  We are six years into this car and it has been fantastic.     It has to be one of the best small cars ever made and we cannot wait for the launch of the  All New 2015 Mazda2.  Six years after its launch we get a totally new car with some amazing features.   Smart City Braking,  from only 89g/km CO2, Hill Hold Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and these are only a few of the standard features you get on the base car! Wait until you move up the spec range!!   And when Mazda say they have produced a fantastic car, I believe them!  I have been a Mazda Dealer for 12 years and every car they have made has been exceptional  and I expect the 2015 Mazda2 to be just that! 

    The official Launch date is March 2015. However if you come to MKG3000 Mazda in Twickenham on the 9th of February,  you can have sneak preview as we have managed to secure a car from  Mazda for only one day to show our customers.  Call 0208 538 9377 to view this highly anticipated car 6 weeks before it is revealed.

    Who knows! It may even win the “THE WORLD'S BEST CAR 2015”.

    Stefan Kadlubowski    Jan 2015