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  • The DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans rates the new Mazda3

    I had the great pleasure of playing 2 rounds of golf with Chris Evans several years ago at a Charity event held by Harlequins Rugby Club.  

    I have to say what very nice person he is.  I am not the greatest golf at all, in fact I am rubbish and when I was told I was playing with Chris I got quite worried as he is regarded as being a great golfer. On the first tee I hit the ball straight into the trees and everyone burst out laughing which did relieve a lot of the nervous tension the I had wrongly put upon myself.  As we walked up the fairway we chatted and he put me at ease.  

    Several holes later he showed me a fantastic technique of getting the ball out of a very sandy bunker.. It worked a treat and I use that very same technique today.  

    I asked Chris where he learnt such a technique and he told me he had played a round with Nick Faldo the day before… The nerve instantly returned!

    Great article written by Chris Evans

    Stefan Kadlubowski Jan 2015