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  • Beware of the “Middle Man” You may be paying too much.

    A commitment I make to all our prospective customers when considering a new Mazda is that MKG3000 Mazda will meet or beat any genuine Internet offer.   Plus you have the peace of mind and guarantee you are buying directly from Mazda and not an additional “Middle man”. Just show me the genuine quote and I will be beat it.   Guaranteed!

    Middlemen are cropping up everywhere.  Just look at the ads on TV, Money Supermarket, Go Compare.  Their message is that they will save you money… Maybe not because they want their cut!

    The world has changed enormously since the Internet became our main source of information.  Just Google ” Discount Mazda” and many flashy websites like, Broadspeed,  Carwow, Newcardiscount, promising to save you money.  Most will tell you a big fat pork pie that they buy in bulk and get additional discount that they can pass to you and can sell to you for less than a main dealer.   Not true!   They do not and cannot buy direct from  Mazda.  They have to come to us and buy through us dealers and they then want their profit for doing so which the customer ends up paying!    Here is the proof.  DRIVE THE DEAL claim to be the biggest internet car broker in the UK.   On their website they make all sorts of promises however they are desperate for dealers like me to sell them cars and here is the letter they have sent me.

    Letter from Drive the Deal to MKG 3000

    I am getting sick and tired of online companies in all sectors or retail promising the world yet when things go wrong they hide behind a website.   This is the feedback we are getting from drivers when you buy a car from an Internet Broker.  When things go wrong they send you to a dealer.    Often over specification and cleanliness issues where the customer should go back to the supplier however the Broker abdicates responsibility and send them to a main dealer.  I’m not surprised as the brokers have not invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in loan cars, tooling and diagnostic equipment.  We take representing the Mazda and Volvo brands very seriously!  Even though the brokers have taken your money, they then hide behind the respective website and can only be contacted by email.  How frustrating!   In all fairness Drive-the-Deal do post a phone number but I don’t know what good it would do if you called with a problem.

    When you buy a car from us you get peace-of-mind.   Firstly, we are Mazda and you get all the other Mazda Deals that the Brokers at times will not mention,  like 0% finance or free servicing etc,  secondly we actually exist with a location, with people that you can talk to either face to face or on the phone. The choice is yours.  Thirdly I guarantee to beat their price so you avoid paying the “Middle Man”. I am all for research so would strongly recommend looking on line for the best deal however I suggest you take the quotes to a main dealer and get them matched or beaten. You may save yourself a lot of money and the hassle.  

    We promise to show you any car you like and let you drive any car you like and when you are ready we will happily sell you or lease you are car with all the benefits you get from dealing directly which includes offering you a part exchange something the brokers will not do!    And if anything goes wrong we deal with it.  We totally accept the responsibility of retailing cars and the buck stops with us.   We will never send you elsewhere.  We deal with it and if for any reason you are not happy just ask for me Stefan Kadlubowski,  I am the owner of MKG3000 and hold the franchise for Mazda and Volvo.  I will happily talk with you in person and rectify any problem.   Call me old fashioned,  but that’s how I like it!

    Stefan Kadlubowski    Jan 2015