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  • 3 reasons Mazdas are the best cars

    Stylish, eco-friendly and smart here's why Mazda is the best car brand

    There are loads of cool cars out there but Mazdas are by far the coolest, and here's why:

    1. They look cool

    Everyone knows that no matter what is in the engine or what technical specs a car has, it's not an awesome car unless it looks like an awesome car. Mazdas are reliably the coolest car on the road. They are sporty and unconventional and turn heads wherever they are driven, gaining attention for the car and also admiration for the driver! Everyone on the road will know you have great taste when they see you driving down the road. Mazda produce the best selling Spyder in the world for a reason - they are awesome!

    2. They're Japanese

    Japan has a great record with technology and engineering ingenuity, and Mazda is an excellent demonstration of how they gained this reputation. With quality engineering and quality manufacturing, Mazdas are quality through and through. And they are not just any old Japanese car company, they are one of the most renowned and successful. After all, a Mazda was the first Japanese car to win a major racing event with the 1991 La Mons victory.

    3. They are good for the environment

    Mazda has a fantastic environmental record. They are innovative in the industry for developing cars which run on alternative fuel sources, which is both good for the environment and pretty awesome - and an engine that can run on hydrogen or gasoline seems pretty cool. They are looking at developing cars made from a range of wacky materials; some components will even be partially made from milk! With this kind of innovation responding to global affairs and trends, it looks like Mazda will remain the most awesome car company for years to come.