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Why come to us?

"We at MKG3000 know things are tough at present and a main dealer service may be perceived as expensive… Don’t be fooled by the large Multi Nationals as we beat them on price every time!"
Stefan Kadlubowski - Director

7 Reasons to have your car serviced by MKG3000, the experts

  1. We know for a fact that the end price is always lower with us. The big multi National like Halfords, Kwik Fit etc. will quote a low hourly rate but will charge you 3 times longer for doing the job. They are trained in up selling!
  2. We use only genuine Volvo and Mazda Parts. Last week a customer bought in there XC90 because their brakes were squealing. Halfords had fitted their own brand of pad. They were cheap quality and too hard for the discs. We then changed them for genuine Volvo Pads which were actually cheaper in the first place…Result, squealing gone!
  3. A Mazda customer driving one of the new Sky Active Diesel engines had Halfords service the car. Four days later it was towed into us with serious engine problems. The result is Halfords had used a very cheap oil not suitable for these new high tech engines. We flushed out the engine and put in the correct oil. Problem solved. Plus we charge less for superior oil.
  4. Customer with an older Mazda5 has been quoted over a £1000 to cure an ABS problem. They told him it needed a new control unit but needed more investigating. We know this to be a common fault on older Mazda5. We know through experience exactly what part needs replacing. We fixed it for £390 saving the customer over £600 pounds.
  5. When we quote for tyre fitting, we quote the fitted price. Halfords, Kwik Fit and Costco will only quote the tyre price. An £80 ends up being £130. We will beat them every time!
  6. Anyone of our highly trained Technicians is a specialist on your car. Our Volvo Technicians only works on Volvos and our Mazda Technicians only Mazda. Your Mazda will get plugged in the Mazda Communications and will receive all the correct software download from Japan. Any Volvo that comes to us for service will have its software checked as we connect your car directly to the Volvo Plant in Sweden via the Volvo VIDA system.
  7. MKG3000 is in the top 2% of Dealers Nationwide for retaining customer’s year on year; however what we are most proud of is our “FIRST TIME FIX”. This is the measure of all Dealers. It measures how often a dealer can fix the problem on the first visit. We are the best in country at this!